Just an experiment: There is an earthquake in my head

I have been fiddling with the idea of “There is an earthquake in my head” for quite a while. Being a researcher in seismology field, I see all these weird looking seismology measurement equipment all the time, and I always wanted to use them as props. Unfortunately due to the weight and size of these equipment, I cannot bring them to my studio. I am not sure about the exact function of the instrument in the middle, but I think it’s a trigger box. It was definitely one of the smallest pieces of equipment I found. The image above was finished as a composited work, with the raw footage shot last year in December. This was the first time I explored the theme, and quite frankly I do not think it’s on a par, neither aesthetically nor artistically, with my other work, which is a bit of a shame. However, I still took some effort and spent some time on it, so I am not going to trash it and let it sink deep into the bottom of my hard drive - instead I am going to give it a little feature on my blog. I guess when looking at the small thumbnail, as I am typing at the back end of my blog page, at least the overall shape looks kind of nice. I just cannot zoom in on it. The expression is a bit too… hard to describe, but it looks strange for some reason. The body hair is too distracting. I don’t think the body type work well in this image. The model needs to be either very toned and shows very clean lines, or very plus-sized and introduce some very interesting organic shape to contrast the rectangular trigger box. Anyways, this is most like an experiment. It’s my first time visiting this theme. There is a lot of room left for improvement. When I have free time, I will think about how to improve this photo, and hire a different and more professional model to do the job.

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