1. One more award!

    16 Feb 2017
    Just found out I won one more award! The judges for One Eyeland awards are all art directors and agencies in the advertising industry, so I guess I will find a job in advertising as my backup career plan.

  2. Just added two more International awards to my resume

    14 Feb 2017
    My fine art nude series Forbidden Passion and Delirious (Glass Jar) just won me the a 3rd price and an honourable mention respectively in the International Photographer of the Year awards. I am really happy about it :D

  3. Skulenite photoshoot

    08 Feb 2017
    I have been the official Skulenite photographer for 4(or 5?) years, and in the first two years, I was shooting pure white background following the tradition. However, since last year’s shoot, I tried to gain more creative freedom in the cast member photoshoot because let’s face it, a pure white…

  4. More on photoshoot with Jay_H

    25 Jan 2017
    More images I shot with Jay_H during last weekend’s photoshoot. One of the images was inspired by neo-classic painter Jacques Louis David’s work. Since I am such a big fan of dark beauty, I chose a very deep blue color scheme instead of the golden and red tones found commonly…

  5. Photoshoot with Jay_H

    22 Jan 2017
    I contacted Jay_H through his availability post on modelmayhem last week and did a short photoshoot with him. It was a simple photoshoot with nothing fancy. The shots were edited most in Lightroom, and then added a with some grains and a bit split toning in Alienskin plugin. I think…

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