1. So excited to receive People’s Choice Award in 1x Photo Contest

    24 Feb 2018 Image above: One of my images from the Wounded series recently received People’s Choice Award in 2017/2018 1x Photo Contest. It feels so unreal because I never thought I could receive so many votes by the photography community, considering my work is usually quite gloomy. Great thanks to…

  2. 1st Place in Chromatic Awards!

    26 Dec 2017
    My image Spirited Away was recently awarded with 1st Place in Nudes Non-pro category in the premiere edition of Chromatic Awards.  It was also featured on the first page of Chromatic Awards website. Quite an exciting way to end the Year 2017. Hope I get to create more interesting work…

  3. Merry Christmas

    25 Dec 2017
    Let’s pause a minute, and appreciate this incredible lighting show Mother Nature granted us on Christmas day.

  4. I just won a First Place in IPA: Fine art Nudes!

    05 Oct 2017
    I don’t normally check my email on my train ride back home today because TTC does not have wifi or cellphone coverage in the tunnel. I only get a brief connection to cellphone signal when the train goes ground level for about two stops. Also, I normally napped in the…

  5. A new image in the Wounded series is finally finished

    15 Aug 2017
    A new image in the Wounded series is finally finished. The last time I worked on this series was half a year ago. Each image took so long to produce, and I need a very long break after crafting each image in order to gather motivation to work on the…

  6. Saw my image in the promotion email

    30 Jul 2017
    Image credit: Rangefinder Magazine, The Body contest I just received an email from Rangerfinder magazine promoting the Body photography competition, and my image was used as the promotion email. It actually looks really good with all the logo and and other text haha. I haven’t been doing any big fine…

  7. Photoshoot with Tyler

    02 Jul 2017
    Two weeks ago I did a short test photoshoot with Tyler. He was so inspirational for me to photograph. I loved the uneven skin tone, the slanted proportional, the strength in the fingers, as well as highlights and shadows on this body. The only thing that slightly bothered me was…

  8. MIFA awards

    27 Jun 2017
    Just discovered I won silver in fine art nudes category in Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA). They never emailed me, and I kind of forgot about it until I suddenly thought of it. I couldn’t remember my password, so I looked up my name in the honorable mentions list, but…

  9. Px3 Award

    08 Jun 2017
    Just discovered one of my images from the Wounded series (model credit: Matt Eldracher) won the second prize in px3 Paris Photography Award Fine Art Collage category. All awarded photos will be printed in the px3 annual photobook according to the official website, which I am pretty excited about. Press…

  10. Just an experiment: There is an earthquake in my head

    05 Mar 2017
    I have been fiddling with the idea of “There is an earthquake in my head” for quite a while. Being a researcher in seismology field, I see all these weird looking seismology measurement equipment all the time, and I always wanted to use them as props. Unfortunately due to the…

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