Model: Mitch Mitchell

Gone with the Wind

Gone with the wind is a tribute to a friend went on an exchange to Australia earlier this year. Since this was the last semester before graduation, it's quite likely that we will never see each other again. To me, he is gone with the wind. When I created this image, I had in mind that it should be angelic. I tried to play with the idea of trinity, for instance, three pieces of flying fabrics, three folds on the body, and three chunks of hair. I also added a tad green tone to the fabric so that it's not pure white. I found the green color quite earthy and it helps to ground the image a bit (pure white is too glaring to my taste).

Alex McColluch

Alex McColluch is a singer/song writer based on Toronto, Canada. She tells stories from her music.

A Collection of Portrait

I am obsessed with an oil painting pictorialism kind of look.

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