William Ye


William Ye, 27-year-old multi International award winning portrait and fine art photographer based in Toronto.

My passion for fine art photographyignited 3 years ago, under the influences of famous contemporary artists andphotographers of our generation, such as Annie Leibovitz, Erwin Olaf, JuliaHetta, Jennifer Thoreson (formerly Jennifer Hudson) and to name a few. Sincethen, I worked hard to form my own photographic style and develop my ownphotographic vision, which ultimately rewarded me with several International photographyawards.

My favourite subjects are psychology, emotionsand feelings. I cannot literally photograph them as they are highly abstract,non-visual and intangible concepts, so instead, I try to photograph the variousimageries associated with these concepts to translate something abstract intotangible visuals. 

I love photography and use it as a medium for creation. Since I recently started my full time PhD at University of Toronto, my commitment is somewhat limited due to hefty school work. However, if you like my work, and wish to collaborate or book me for photoshoots, please feel free to drop me a message from the contact page.







FAPA (Fine Art Photography Award), Fine Art, 1st Place; Non-professional & student Fine Art Fine Art Photographer of the Year, Grand Winner

TIPA (Tokyo International Foto Award), Fine Art Nudes, 1st Place; Fine Art Collage, 1st Place; Fine Art Portrait, 3rd Place; Non-professional & student Fine Art Photographer of the Year, 2nd Place

LICC (London International Creative Contest), Shortlist

1x Photo Awards, Fine Art Nudes, People's Choice


Chromatic Awards (International Color Photography Contest), Nudes Amateur, 1st Place

London Photo Show Competition, Finalist

IPA (International Photography Award), Fine Art Nudes, 1st Place

MIFA (Moscow International Foto Awards), Fine Art Nudes, 2nd Place

Px3 (Paris Photography Prize), Fine Art Collage, 2nd Place

FAPA (Fine Art Photography Award), Fine Art & Fine Art Nudes, Honorable Mentions


One Eyeland Photography Awards, Fine Art Nudes, 2nd Place

IPOTY (International Photographer of the Year Award), Fine Art Nudes, 3rd Place

PDN (Photo District News) & Rf (Rangefinder) Celebrate the Body Award, Fine Art Nudes, 2nd Place

IPA (International Photography Award), Fine Art Nude, Fine Art: Digitally Enhanced, Fine Art: Other, Honorable Mentions


Hart House Camera Club 93rd Annual Award, People & Altered Image, 1st Place 


Westcott Shootout Competition, 3rd Place



TIPA Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan

Ethereal, Paris, France


London Photo Show, London, UK


Hart House Camera Club 93rd Annual Exhibition, Toronto, Canada


Toronto Youth Day, Toronto, Canada


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